Harriet P. Wood
2881 East Hill Rd.
Marshfield, Vermont 05658

I had been a political protest (anti-war) artist and expressionist figure painter until around fifteen years ago when I turned to abstract expressionism. Even though it's no longer like jumping into the abyss like it was in the fifties, I find it still a relevant genre, drawing me in with more and more complexities, distillations and challenges.

It has offered me the physicality and emotional connection with my work that I needed and along with formal considerations has proved to be a psychically integrative process. My communication with the painting continues until it leaves my studio. For me, there is a connection between writing poetry and painting out of my unconscious, in the sense that both are grabbing the moment and distilling the emotions.

The immediacy of the work and approaching the unknown each time I paint makes it virtually impossible to copy a painting. It is practice, giving myself completely to the moment in the least self-conscious way possible. This way of working has been noted by Zen masters who consider it a form of practice/meditation.

Harriet Wood


untitled, 2010
oil on canvas 24 x 30

Woodbury Fall, 2010
oil on canvas 30 x 24

The Blue of it, 2010
oil on canvas 30x24

The Last of Winter, 2010
oil on canvas 30x31