Carol Amy Roth, Woodturning
New Haven, VT
Phone: (802) 388-0707

Carol Amy Roth is a self-taught woodturner who works at her 200-year-old home in rural Vermont. Each of her bowls, vessels, and natural edge vases is unique. In her old barn, each piece is turned from a chunk of wood others would most likely have overlooked as either too gnarly or rotten to use. Carol is able to see the potential beauty.

After moving into the old farmhouse she began collecting and using rustic antique tools while learning woodworking and cabinetmaking from early twentieth century books. In 1998 Carol found the antique treadle lathe that would introduce her to a life and love of woodturning. By early the next year, what began as a spark of interest became an absolute obsession. After reading, researching and experimenting over and over again, she began to turn and sell her bowls, vases and vessels.

Her work has been shown at The Southern Vermont Art Center, Stratton Arts and Fine Craft Festivals; KAOS Fine Art Gallery in Wilmington, Vermont; and at the 2004 "Envisioned in a Pastoral Setting" show held at Shelburne Farms. Presently she has work displayed at the Gallery on the Green, also in Shelburne, Vermont; Frog Hollow in Middlebury, Vermont; and by appointment only, at her home studio in New Haven. One of Carol's most rewarding pieces was turned for the Mt. Independence State Historic Site from a giant rotted sugar maple tree found there. That spectacular bowl is displayed at their museum in Orwell, Vermont.

"Woodturning has brought together all of my strengths as an artist and let me experience the wild ride of being totally immersed in the color, texture, form and spirit of each sacred piece of wood. I never know what a piece will become until I've finished turning it. It is always a wondrous surprise. One of the most significant gifts my woodturning has given to me and let me share with others, is the way each piece reveals the incredible beauty and secrets which lie within 'just another piece of dead, rotted wood'. They are my offering - an elegy for each unappreciated tree on this earth.

"In addition to the wide range of pieces offered as special orders, I also turn special, personal pieces made from wood provided by the person placing the order.  In one case, I turned a large apple 'gathering vessel' for a couple as a tribute to the big old apple tree that had stood where they built their house. I also turned a bowl from a cherry log that had been a courting spot for the newlyweds receiving the gift bowl."


All photographs by Todd Balfour of Balfour Studios, Shoreham VT