William J. Williams
P.O. Box 147
Bellows Falls, VT 05201
(802) 463-4979
Email: wjwsculpt@earthlink.net


The focus of my efforts is concentrated in two areas. The primary area is abstract figurative work using imagery from dance placed in mythic context. The three-dimensional work is based on linear distillation of the figure in dance movements creating spiral "ribbons" of energy, space, color and movement. Correlative works in this area are low reliefs in single, diptych and triptych formats. Again, placed in mythic contexts and eddies of form and color that create dances of life, emergence, confluence and dissolution. Projected developments in the area include figure groups (top or more) an the three-dimensional format in both small and large-scale and larger scale framed and unframed wall pieces in the relief format.

The other major area is potraiture/representational work. Examples in this area include numerous private portraits and the Famous Missourian series for the Missouri State Capitol Building in Jefferson City, Missouri. Figures in this series includes: Stan Musial, Walter Cronkite, Emmett Kelly, Charlie Parker, Josephine Baker, Walt Disney, Sacajawea, Scott Joplin, General Omar Bradley, Harry S. Truman, the artist Thomas Hart Benson, Samuel Clemens, and others. The work in this area ranges from portrait heads and busts to full-figure sculpture in varying scales from small (8-10 inches) to life-size.

While the abstract figurative and representational work receive the major emphasis, I enjoy and welcome the opportunity to work in a wide range of styles, scale and media for both indoor and outdoor work, including absrtacts, garden, fountain and public works on a commission basis. This diversity is a strength as I am capable of working with a wide range of concepts and media. With client or site-specific work, I prefer to establish a dialogue and work with the architect/designer/client to create the desired image.


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