T.G. Leary
Burlington, Vermont
Phone: 802-864-2504
email: tomleary@burlingtontelecom.net


You can't grow up in Vermont without developing a knack for fixing things. There almost always seems to be a tool of some sort in your hands. That is my story. As a child, I gravitated toward any repair or handyman project around my house.

Some carpentry experience and lending a hand to my parents as they remodeled a 1912 four-square Craftsman-style home due to empty nest syndrome exposed me to shop work in the mid 1990s. That led me to set up my own wood shop and furniture-making was the next logical step. The sale of my pieces organically followed suit.

Memories had the biggest influence on my furniture design. My parents always rented a camp on Lake Champlain for a month every summer, and it was outfitted with the heaviest, sturdiest furniture I'd ever seen. On rainy days, my four siblings and I played on, in, under and around them. Once, during a violent wind storm, my mother gathered all five of us to wait out the storm under the square 12-person dining table, hoping that the large maple tree overhanging the camp wouldn't come through the roof. As adults, my siblings and I now know it was original Stickley. We all have a deep affection for the Craftsman style. I appreciate the simple elegance inherent in its design as well as the practical manifestation of a well-designed and executed piece of furniture.

I hope you enjoy my work and I look forward to working with you on a project of your design, an interpretation of a classic, or something you see here.